Is not having all the right answers.

It's having all the right questions...



 - What the mind believes, the body will follow.


 - If you are tired of fighting battles with yourself.

ESOCEN Coach Healing

 - Balancing your Material and your Spiritual Life.

Reiki Treatments

 - Remove blockages & negative build-ups gently.

Tarot Readings

 - Get clarity & guidance with your current issues.

Psychic Tutoring

 - Develop your psychic ability.

Past Life Regression

 - Understand your far past.

Spiritual Unions and Handfastings

 - Have your wedding the way you want.


Booking Appointments

A session usually lasts about an hour, and two hours for Past Life Regression.

Please use the type of session you require as the subject of your email.

Why Past Life Regression?

Have you found issues reoccurring in your life that you can't understand?

  • Mysterious unexplained physical pain
  • Chronic health issues beyond control
  • Self-sabotage of situations and relationships
  • Making the same mistakes over and over

A lot of the reasons for our suffering isn't rooted in this life time, but stems from the far past in lives lived before this existence.

Gaining understanding of the conditions and manner of your past can heal things naturally in the present and give you a quality of life that you deserve.