Vaclav Havel

Isn't it the moment of most profound doubt that gives birth to new certainties? Perhaps hopelessness is the very soil that nourishes human hope; perhaps one could never find sense in life without first experiencing its absurdity...



Recommended Reading

Below is a list of some books that will assist with not only your spiritual development, but also with getting your emotional IQ to a level where you can start functioning as an aware human being. Happy reading!

Book title: Author:
How Yoga Works Geshe Michael Roach & Christie McNally
How to know God Deepak Chopra
The Four Agreements Don Migual Ruiz
The Mastery of Love Don Migual Ruiz
Death is of Vital Importance Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
On Death and Dying Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
The Wheel of Life Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
Life Lessons Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
What Do You Say After You Say Hello? Eric Berne
The Games People Play Eric Berne
The Dancing Wu-li Masters Gary Zukav
The Celestine Prophecy James Redfield
The Aquarian Conspiracy Marilyn Ferguson
Destiny of Souls Michael Newton
Journey of Souls Michael Newton
Conversations with God (Start with Books 1 - 3) Neale Donald Walsch
When Everything You Ever Wanted Isn't Enough Rabbi Harold Kushner
Illusions Richard Bach
The Black Butterfly: An Invitation to Radical Aliveness Richard Moss
The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying Sogyal Rinpoche
A Brief History of Time Stephen Hawking
Man's Search for Meaning Viktor Frankl
The Prophet Kahlil Gibran
Cosmos Carl Sagan
On Becoming a Person Carl Rogers
Person To Person  Carl Rogers
Emotional Intelligence Daniel Coleman
Spiritual Intelligence Danah Zohar
The Mind's Eye  Ian Robertson
Billions and Billions  Carl Sagan
The Road Less Travelled M. Scott Peck
Being and Nothingness Jean-Paul Sartre
Atlas Shrugged Ayn Rand
Universality  Mark Ward
God Has A Dream Archbishop Desmond Tutu
The Wisdom of the Dalai Lama The Dalai Lama
I am Right You Are Wrong Edward de Bono
Between Inner and Outer Space John D. Barrow
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Stephen R.Covey


Psychic Tutoring

I train clients on how to develop their psychic ability as I believe we were all born with the ability to know. We will be covering the following:

  • Seeing Auras
  • Distance Viewing
  • Reading People
  • Making Sense of Dreams
  • Psychic Self-Defense

I require a minumum of 5 people per training group with a maximum of 10. The course runs over 12 Saturdays with self practice on your part to succeed. The cost per group per session isR1000, so get your friends to participate to reduce your contribution fee.