Anne Louwrens

I urge you to read this book if you haven't already.

About ONE by Richard Bach

I am totally blown away by it, the thought that we all are ONE all interconnected has been a part of my knowing for so long, but I just NOW remembered it. I remember what it feels like to be ONE in spirit with everybody who has ever lived and died, I remember that dying isn't the end, just a moving into a new reality. I remember the old man I was who made the wrong decision and ended up alone, the woman I was who gave birth to the broken child who became the saviour, the man who loved from afar the one woman he could never have…. so  many of them….no….US, because we are all one and all these alternate realities are being lived and shaped and created at once , NOW, right HERE. Everybody around me, could be my alternate SELF.

We can navigate our existence with love the book said. When I think of all the ones I hated or despised or hurt intentionally my heart wants to burst with the sadness I am now feeling, think of all the time wasted in pain and perceived injustice. Oh God let there be more understanding of this ONENESS before it's too late to make a difference in this world I now inhabit. This Earth in the year 2000 is heading for disaster, can we see it, do we care?

By hurting others I hurt myself. Not on a scale of nuclear catastrophe, I bomb you, wipe out your world and you in turn kill me, and this planet we inhabit, but on a personal level. The one I hurt today may be the future of myself, my child, my future Love.

What do I do with this knowledge? How do I use it?

Is this meant for me alone, are others meant to get their on their own, or will the others feel like me…elated…ecstatic…and clueless as to how we are supposed to use this to change and right the wrongs of the past.

Living has always been so fraught with dangers and distractions, we are always afraid of making the wrong choice. How then do I get my hands on a Map Book to the Soul?



Psychic Tutoring

I train clients on how to develop their psychic ability as I believe we were all born with the ability to know. We will be covering the following:

  • Seeing Auras
  • Distance Viewing
  • Reading People
  • Making Sense of Dreams
  • Psychic Self-Defense

I require a minumum of 5 people per training group with a maximum of 10. The course runs over 12 Saturdays with self practice on your part to succeed. The cost per group per session is R1000, so get your friends to participate to reduce your contribution fee.