Anne Louwrens

This work came from a profound discovery that I am so much more than just this body or this person.

People and places

When I think of all the places and people I’ve been to in my life, I experience a sense of déjà vu, a sense of having been and having seen the same thing, the same faces, the same situations in many guises and shapes, nuances and design, And rightly so.

I, that is my soul have chosen this Path, my personality is here for the duration. My soul chooses, I follow, as a man followed by his shadow on a sunny day – the two are one, inseparable, part of and equal, together but not the same; the dichotomy of life, the parts of the whole.

The choices I have made in my life, as the person in this incarnation, was to my earthly, limited perception not always wise, not always right. I’ve had my fair share of guilt and shame in the actions that represented me to the world. I’ve had to look back on my deeds in the past and regret so many things.

And then the Divine spoke to my heart through Her wonderful medium of my Soul. I was told of Her unconditional acceptance and love of my Being, His creation, and the Divine’s celebration and joy at my life. I was made to understand that I am acceptable in Her sight. That I am seen as the beloved child of my Heavenly Father, that I am loved, totally loved, unconditionally loved, proudly loved, cherished and magnificent in my Divine Mother’s eyes. I was made to understand that I am part of the magnificence that is the Divine - part of and equal to the Creator of the Universe and creator in my own right.

I was moved by this truth to move away from guilt, shame and feelings of being less, of accepting less, because I thought myself unworthy. I understood that I am enough, and that there’s nothing I have to be less or more of to find favour with the Divine. All That It Is, is satisfied with all that I am.

So now, when I meet people and I feel a sense of déjà vu at meeting, I know why. As I am part of the Divine, and you are part of the Divine, they too are part of the Divine and therefore part of me. I’m meeting myself, over and over again, in the same faces, the same situations in many guises and shapes, nuances and design.




Psychic Tutoring

I train clients on how to develop their psychic ability as I believe we were all born with the ability to know. We will be covering the following:

  • Seeing Auras
  • Distance Viewing
  • Reading People
  • Making Sense of Dreams
  • Psychic Self-Defense

I require a minumum of 5 people per training group with a maximum of 10. The course runs over 12 Saturdays with self practice on your part to succeed. The cost per group per session is R1000, so get your friends to participate to reduce your contribution fee.