Anne Louwrens

Because they were, we are…

In the faces of past generations...

In the faces of past generations we see the specifics of our race, our possibilities reflected in the smiles of babies and the joy reflected in a child’s laugh.

We stand on the shoulders of the ones who have come before as we strain ever higher towards the light. We are nothing without the ones, who long ago left us for better places, as they are the foundation we have been given, to assist us in our striving and straining towards truth and the future.

After us will come the new generations, it cannot be anything else. This is the nature of the physical time we share with others.

Life is, as death is.

Because they were, we are…



Psychic Tutoring

I train clients on how to develop their psychic ability as I believe we were all born with the ability to know. We will be covering the following:

  • Seeing Auras
  • Distance Viewing
  • Reading People
  • Making Sense of Dreams
  • Psychic Self-Defense

I require a minumum of 5 people per training group with a maximum of 10. The course runs over 12 Saturdays with self practice on your part to succeed. The cost per group per session is R1000, so get your friends to participate to reduce your contribution fee.