Anne Louwrens

The events around the 9/11 tragedy have taught us a lot. What has it taught you about yourself?

Cosmic Muffin Daily E-mail

Hello Loved Ones,

To put into words the horror and tragedy of yesterday’s happening in the US, would be an impossible task as the soul does not function within the limitations of speech. We all feel the emotion that is the tragedy, and hurt with those in pain in so many ways today.

I know that nobody ‘dies’ before their time, and death is not the end, but a moving on, yet there are so many who are devastated by grief today, because they have not yet accepted this concept into their minds, even though their Spirit already knows this truth.

If one looks at the Self in relation to this event and feel grief and revulsion at the senselessness of it all, you may rejoice in the fact that your Spirit knows reverence for all life and love to all mankind. So celebrate yourself in this day.

I’m asking you all to unite today, every hour, on the hour. By sending a prayer of healing, and for those of you who know the healing force of Reiki, to the ones injured and afraid. Bless the event as part of the process of our planet’s evolution if you will, and guide the healing to those now, who are feeling lost and alone in the dark.




Psychic Tutoring

I train clients on how to develop their psychic ability as I believe we were all born with the ability to know. We will be covering the following:

  • Seeing Auras
  • Distance Viewing
  • Reading People
  • Making Sense of Dreams
  • Psychic Self-Defense

I require a minumum of 5 people per training group with a maximum of 10. The course runs over 12 Saturdays with self practice on your part to succeed. The cost per group per session is R1000, so get your friends to participate to reduce your contribution fee.